Welcome to the Discussion forum of the IxDA community of practice. Here we've provided some helpful information about our forum & mailing list features. We request that any technical issues with your account or this website be reported to IxDA via Get Satisfaction; if possible, please try to find a post with a similar issue to reduce churn.

Duplicate Accounts & Transition Issues

As of March 1, 2010, some people have duplicate accounts or are experiencing technical difficulties in the website transition such as not receiving their requested passwords (probably due to IxDA having an old email address). If this is happening to you, get in touch at Get Satisfaction where you might see your issue listed with an answer or place to get an immediate fix.

Share with Care

Be aware that posts to the IxDA Discussion List are distributed by email to subscribers. Also, search engines can and do index this forum. We cannot remove Discussion posts from people's private email inboxes or from public search indexes. IxDA considers responses to messages that you send only to individual subscribers to be private. If you receive private responses to your postings, please do not forward them to the list or otherwise make them public without first obtaining the permission of those who sent them to you.

Posting Job Listings

It's no longer possible to post jobs on the IxDA Discussion List. Please use the Job Board instead.

IxDA is partnering with Core 77 to offer an IxDA Job Board, powered by Coroflot. Job postings cost USD 275 and stay online for 90 days, not only at but also at and its partner websites. Half of the money will go to support IxDA, its mission and platforms.

Please do not use the Discussion List to let the community know that you are a candidate seeking a job. This is true for individuals, as well as for recruiters or agents acting on behalf of others. Of course, you are encouraged to reply privately to any job ads posted on the Job Board.

Subscribing to the Discussion List

Only IxDA members can post to the Discussion. To become an IxDA member, create an account on the website. To do this, click "Become a member" in the header and enter your user name and email address. You'll receive a confirmation email with a temporary password; follow the link in your email to log-in to the site and please promptly change your password to something you'll remember. You'll immediately be able to post to the Discussion List and use other areas of the site, but your first posts will be queued for moderation.

To manage your subscriptions, see "Managing Your Account" section below. 

Passwords for the Website

As of February 28, 2010, you need a user name and password to use all the features of the website. If you had an account prior to February 28, 2010, you will need to click the "Request password" link the first time you use the site. Enter the email address associated with your previous account to receive a message with a temporary password; follow the link in your email to log-in to the site and please promptly change your password to something you'll remember. If you are brand-new to IxDA, simply go through the signup process on the website from the "Become member" link. 

Starting Discussions

To start a new Discussion thread, use the "Start a New Thread" button on the Discussion home page. You can also send an email to discuss(at) When you start a new thread on the website, please begin with the "Title" field and as you type, be sure to review the "Related threads" content that appears dynamically on the page—IxDA Discussion has been very active since 2003 and your specific question may already have been asked and answered many times.

Commenting on Discussions

To participate in Discussion by email, be sure to retain the indicated content in order to support proper subject threading on the website. To participate on the website, use the "Post new comment" fields at the bottom of the thread page. If you want to receive Discussion posts via email, you can choose a variety of settings for your subscriptions. If you do not regularly participate via email and you post a message to the forum, you can choose to subscribe to that thread via email by selecting the "Subscribe to this thread" button on the thread page.

Managing Your Account

Edit your subscriptions by viewing the subscription section of your Member Profile. Select "My Profile," and then choose "Notifications". On the "Subscriptions" tab, you can click "edit" next to the subscription whose settings you want to modify; click "delete" to remove subscriptions; and use the checkboxes at the start of each row to perform bulk operations on subscriptions. Settings for the "Send Interval" that you may want to select include: "Daily", which is an email with a set of links to the discussion threads (at present; we're working to improve the usability of this default feature); "Immediately" which sends you individual emails as threads & comments are posted with approximately 30 minutes latency. Set your Status to "Inactive" in order to receive no emails. On the "Add Subscriptions" tab you can subscribe to a variety of available content types.

Unsubscribing from Emails

To unsubscribe from Discussion emails, visit the "Notifications" section of your member profile. You can set your Status to "Inactive" in order to receive no emails, or individually deactivate your subscriptions. Changes will take effect immediately. Visit your Member Profile page to re-subscribe. You cannot fully delete your own profile, but an administrator can deactivate your account; contact us for the request.

Enhancing the Discussion

To help members identify pertinent content, please consider adding Tags to Discussion threads (and Resources!) as you go through them. Existing tags will be displayed to support a controlled taxonomy. You can delete any tags that you add by clicking the "x" alongside the tag. If you find inappropriate content in the Discussion, you can "Flag" it for moderator review. Also, when you find content you enjoy, give it a thumbs up! Or if you find that the material doesn't meet your approval give it a thumbs down. Such interactions as well as number of views, comments, and favorites define the IxDA Discussion "Hot!" algorithm, which is based on the Drupal "radioactivity" module.

Message Attachments

Posting via the website allows some images and file formats to be attached. To do this, select "File Attachments" below the main text field then browse to the desired file and  click "Attach". The maximum upload size is 10 MB; only files with the following extensions may be uploaded: jpg jpeg gif png txt doc xls pdf ppt pps odt ods odp. If you want to refer to a large document, image, or audio file in your message, you can publish the file elsewhere then provide a link to it in your message. We presently do not support sending attachments via email.

Message Length & Size

We strongly request that you minimize the length of your responses by trimming the text of the messages to which you're replying as much as possible. Also, ensure that your signature is of a reasonable length and contains no advertising. You can send plain text, Rich Text, or HTML e-mail messages to the list. However, bear in mind that the use of Rich Text and HTML formats sometimes results in poorly formatted replies.

Disabling Mail Delivery

If you are going away on vacation or business, please suspend email delivery to avoid spamming the forum and email subscribers with your "Out of Office" message. To temporarily disable email delivery, go to "My profile", select "Notifications" and on the "Subscriptions" tab use the Quick Update link button "Temporarily disable all my subscriptions". If the list receives automatic replies from you, our list administrators must unsubscribe you from the Discussion; this may also happen if your mailbox is full or your email address has changed. If you want to disable email delivery permanently, see "Unsubscribing from Emails" section above.

Replying to Messages

When replying to posts via email, be sure to retain the indicated content, which supports proper threading of your reply in the website forum and which will be removed automatically prior to posting. To reply to the entire discussion list, choose Reply All. To reply privately to a person who posted a message to the discussion list, choose Reply. (We're working to restore this functionality.) All messages posted through the website are sent to the entire set of subscribed IxDA members.

Cross-Posting Messages

Please do not send a single email message to multiple mailing lists or cc individuals who are not subscribers of the original list. If recipients reply to a cross-posted message, but are not subscribers of one or more of the mailing lists to which the message was sent, the administrators of all lists of which they are not subscribers must individually handle their replies. Please be considerate of your mailing list administrators and refrain from cross-posting messages.

If you have other questions, please contact IxDA. For more IxDA community guidelines and policies, see our Terms & Policies.