Freelance Web App UI designer with understanding of usability concepts

Freelance Web App UI designer with understanding of usability concepts
August 19, 2010 - 10:54pm
Seattle area, WA
United States
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Kerika is a re-startup: we are rebuilding the old Kerika collaboration product as a Web App.  (Kerika was originally built and marketed as a desktop application in the 2004-2007 period; you can get a good idea of its functionality by taking a look at

We have worked out much of the interaction flow and have crude mockups in place, so we don't need a HCI/CHI specialist; what we need is a talented UI designer with a passion for technology and an understanding of basic usability concepts.  This is a short project, but if we found the right person there is another startup in the Seattle area who is looking for someone with similar skills and between the two of us we could keep the right person busy for 1-2 months, possibly more.  We could bunch up the work or stretch it out over a 3-month period, so this could be something that someone takes on as a part-time gig.

Your input would be the mockups we have already built.  Your output would be a pixel-perfect wireframes (redlined) as well as graphics assets such as icons, buttons, color schemes, etc.  Your output would be consumed by a very talented UI developer, who would implement the front end using a combination of Javascript, SVG and HTML5 -- but that's not something you need worry about: the developer would take your wireframes and run with it.

There are lots of designers around, but not many who understand usability, and that's an important consideration for us because we are looking for people who will design stuff that works, not stuff that looks pretty at a superficial level or has some cool technical twist.  If you are interested, please respond to  Instead of sending us a link to your online portfolio -- which we would eventually need, of course -- impress us first by pointing out at least 10 usability problems with the sign-up page.  (If you can't find 10 in under 10 minutes, you wouldn't be a good fit for our needs...)