Information Architecture (Taxonomy, Organization, Sitemap, Navigation System) for new Website in Existing Space

Information Architecture (Taxonomy, Organization, Sitemap, Navigation System) for new Website in Existing Space
March 14, 2010 - 5:32am
Virtual / Telecommute, DC
United States
From a recruiter: 
Direct employer
How to apply: 
Send resume and brief cover letter (email) to Informal is fine, just please address this specific project.

You'll be working directly with me via email and Skype to create our new website's information architecture, by which I mean a list of all the pages, what they will do, what they will be named, how they will be organized, nested, and navigated.  Exact deliverables to be discussed and agreed as part of our interview, scoping, and defining process.

We will use whatever techniques and tools make the most sense (such as card sorting, usability testing, flow chart, clickable low-res model) to create and/or confirm that we have created a good information architecture.  Again, to be discussed and agreed.

Our goal is simplicity and usability.  Users must be able to accomplish their goals as quickly, easily, and intuitively as possible. Navigation must make sense. All this starts with a good information architecture.

We will discuss and agree on the scope, process, timeline, deliverables, and compensation.  We will put that into a Statement of Work (SOW) and attach it to our Service Agreement and execute it electronically (very easy, no scanner required).  The documents are drafted except for the project details, of course.

About our new website:

It is a marketplace matching matching Buyers with Sellers.  Briefly, this is how it works:

1) The Buyers create, pay for, and submit a Job order.  They use web forms to do this.  The Job order includes selection criteria that is matched against Seller profiles (in the database).

2) Sellers who match the selection criteria are notified of the Jobs.  They logon and accept a Job if they want it.

3) When the Job is completed, the Buyer is notified and logs in to accept the completed Job and leave feedback for the Seller.

4) The Buyer sees each completed Job on its own page.  Each Job is part of a Project, and each Project is owned by a Buyer.

5) We earn a fee for matching the Buyer and the Seller.

There are some other bells and whistles, such as Buyers being able to favorite Sellers, a Help Center (FAQ, Getting Started, Tutorials, Support Ticket system) and a Resource Center (articles, links, newsletter and signup, etc.).  And of course there is a sign-up system, payment system (buy credits and use them to pay for Jobs), Buyer and Seller dashboards, administrative system, and a few other things that I have mapped out and that we can discuss.

I've got a list of our three closest competitors, which you will study and we will discuss.  And, I've got a longer list of other sites that we will study and model after for various elements, design patterns, structures, etc.

We can do fixed with milestone payments rate or hourly.

Thank you,

PS: We are a small company on a small budget, which means that we are looking for the startup/gorilla package *not* the PhD dissertation.

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