User Experience Consultant (perm) - SharePoint

User Experience Consultant (perm) - SharePoint
May 28, 2010 - 6:36pm
Chicago, IL
United States
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Full time
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At PointBridge, the User Experience Consultant is a critical member of our SharePoint delivery team. This individual helps our clients define their user audiences, understand what’s important to those users, then craft sites and applications that exactly meet their needs and wants. It’s this user-centric approach that sets our projects aside from our competitors and keeps our clients coming back with their most complex business challenges.

An individual in this role spends much of his/her time working directly face-to-face with our clients, so in addition to technical excellence, the User Experience Consultant must be a polished professional who enjoys working with people and makes them feel at ease. He/she must be an excellent communicator, able to derive concrete concepts from abstract conversations, then present those back to the client in a clearly understandable way.


Information Architecture. Works with a team to develop business and functional requirements for a project. Analyzes content stores and defines patterns for structure and categorization. Translates requirements into site organization (documented through site maps and process flows) and initial designs (documented through storyboards and wireframes).

Usability Engineering. Creates user-centered designs, and spends time planning, performing, and documenting usability tests and designs. Communicates results of those tests to stakeholders, while also serving as a source of advice and knowledge on user interface issues.

User Interface Design. Creates a visual language for a product that seamlessly blends its features and functionality with the sponsoring company’s brand. Creates the look and feel of the product, working with others to produce a nearly-complete specification of its functionality and appearance. Sample deliverables include style guides, mockups, prototypes, and specifications.

Required Skills and Experience

·         Ability to lead meetings, present ideas to groups of people, and facilitate consensus around a given design

·         Excellent oral and written communication skills; ability to communicate concepts in both textual and graphical form

·         3-5 years experience in content management, knowledge management, and/or information architecture

·         3-5 years experience in wireframe/storyboard development

·         3-5 years experience and expert proficiency in Photoshop (or equivalent graphics editor/suite)

·         Experience designing applications with accessibility requirements

·         Experience designing applications for mobile devices

·         Experience performing usability analysis on existing web sites or on new site designs

Preferred Skills and Experience

·         Experience in designing user interfaces for SharePoint sites

·         Experience making modifications to SharePoint using Microsoft SharePoint Designer

·         Experience with any Microsoft tools/technologies, including:

o        Silverlight/XAML

o        Expression Blend

o        Application prototyping with SketchFlow

o        Form design with InfoPath

·         Expert proficiency in CSS/HTML

·         Working knowledge of JavaScript

·         Experience creating HTML/CSS versions of graphical web site mockups

·         Expert proficiency with various web development tools (e.g. FireBug, Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar, Fiddler, or others)

·         Working knowledge of ASP.Net master pages

·         Ability to understand (read and edit) XML files

·         Experience with any kind of video editing

·         Experience with Flash

·         Experience with ActionScript



28 May 2010 - 6:38pm

Please contact me directly via email or call me at 773-572-6414

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Please contact me directly via email or call me at 773-572-6414

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