UX Designer - Cambridge, UK

Will Nicholson
UX Designer - Cambridge, UK
May 27, 2010 - 5:07am
United Kingdom
From a recruiter: 
Full time
How to apply: 
email - william.nicholson@sentinelit.com

UX Designer required for my client, a global web publishing house. UX Designer is required to code interfaces in HTML/CSS and write help for the organisations web based research applications according to the standards and guidelines of the UXD Team and requirements of Publishers. UX Designer will work with the product development team, working closely with software development to optimise efficiency of design, implement code, document help systems, test interface and schedule design components. UX Designer will require excellent communication skills, strong knowledge of HTML and CSS, experience with web technologies and software development process, knowledge of image editing (Photoshop), experience of User Interface Design, experience of web accessibility principles & experience of writing and editing user documentation. A knowledge of Flash, online searching and IA would be beneficial.

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