UX / User Experience / Interaction Design Wizard required

UX / User Experience / Interaction Design Wizard required
October 22, 2010 - 5:34am
HeyStaks Technologies Limited
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Full time
How to apply: 

HeyStaks is a social Web search company that seeks to harness peoples' social graphs and use them to make Web search more efficient. It allows people to create "search staks" on any topic, which can be public or private and serve as shared locations where pages relevant to the stak's topic can be stored. These pages can be recommended to other members of the stak within the result lists of Google, Yahoo! and Bing to create a more social searching experience. Sharing pages is also much easier with HeyStaks, and with just a couple of clicks a page can be emailed or shared on Twitter or Facebook.

HeyStaks is currently seeking a user experience / interaction design expert with an eye for social media and the ability to analyse a system and enhance the usability for mass appeal. We currently provide a number of clients, including mobile apps, browser extensions and a website where people can keep track of activity within their staks and the successful applicant would have the reponsibility to create a unified look and feel across all platforms.

Foosball experience not essential but desirable. Single-digit employee numbers available while stocks last.

If the above sounds like you and you have an interest in shaping the direction of a disruptive startup in an extremely competitive space, send in your CV and a brief application statement to the email address above.  

Look forward to hearing from you,