UX/UI Designer @ Exercise.com = Fulltime + Cash + Equity + Fun + Team

UX/UI Designer @ Exercise.com = Fulltime + Cash + Equity + Fun + Team
March 25, 2010 - 6:01pm
Mountain View, CA
United States
From a recruiter: 
Direct employer
Full time
How to apply: 
Follow instructions in job post. Please follow instructions carefully - incomplete applications will not be considered. Thanks!



Director of User Experience and Design (UX/UI Designer)


Exercise.com is a new startup with an experienced team, a great brand, and a huge opportunity to create a meaningful business.


Uh oh - you’re looking up our current site right now…. No!!! Are you done? Did you dry-heave a little? We know, we do too. We spent 4 hours putting up a placeholder site so we could get in Google’s good graces (on our way to #1 for “exercise” – we’re already #15). The logo was done by a 4th grader. It all needs to go.


We have one of the best pieces of web real estate and exciting plans for what to do with it. Many premium domains are simply littered with junk content and low-quality ads. But we’re going to build a slick, useful, transformational platform that will help the millions of people out there who don’t exercise to get motivated and change their lives. Our domain name is just one piece of the branding and marketing strategy, not a substitute for a business model.


We recognize the singular importance of what you bring to the table and are prepared to compensate you above and beyond market rate. We have a vision, the tech team to build awesome product, and a crack marketing team that can generate traffic, but if we can’t make the site intuitive and appealing, none of that matters. You are the one who will make everything attractive, simple, and compelling.





  • You almost can’t be on the internet because you critique every page you see and usually feel turned off by the lack of good design.
  • You want to work at a real company. Not so big that you’re lost in the shuffle, but not a crazy napkin-idea startup that will likely fail.
  • You believe in constant improvement in every area of life – hopefully including personal fitness.
  • You love learning. You read books. You’re a better designer now than you were last year because of something you recently discovered.
  • You are easy to work with and fun to have around the office. You are easy-going, but work really hard.
  • You likely have a degree in something computerish or artsy.
  • You have an impressive portfolio of sites that you are willing to share.
  • You are great at Photoshop, Illustrator, and other necessary programs.





  • You will make everything look good. Really, really good.
  • You will make complex things seem magically simple.
  • You will draw icons.
  • You will design newsletters.
  • You will occasionally do photo touchups of incredibly hot fitness models.
  • You will wireframe and it will make you smile.
  • You will get excited about site flow diagrams.
  • You will get caught up on the right pixel height for buttons.
  • You will create the entire website template look and feel.
  • You will continuously improve pages for usability and design.
  • You might be able to do html/css, but it isn’t required. We have front-end developers who can also do this.





  • We’re web people. We know how to build scalable, popular, cash-flow positive web businesses. We’re happy to share with you our past successes once we get to know each other better.
  • Two of us have Stanford MBAs, but please don’t hold that against us. We’re scrappy webpreneurs with a track record.
  • We’re on a mission to get out-of-shape people in shape. We started with ourselves. Our CEO lost 50 lbs in the last 2 years.
  • We’re a small, hard charging team with an office on Castro Street in Mountain View, CA.
  • We’ve raised $2M from great investors, including a few prominent SV angels.





  • You will be the highest paid person in the company. Seriously. You are that good. CEO and founding team will each likely have ½ your salary.
  • Take the average amount of equity you would expect in a design job. Now double that. Now double that again. Now double it once more. Seriously - that’s the kind of equity we are willing to offer you because you are the best UX/UI designer out there and we know we need to offer you that.
  • Lunch provided daily.
  • Competitive benefits package.





  • List out every website you’ve ever designed – even the bad ones that you are embarrassed about but learned from. Say a few things about the ones worthy of commentary.
  • Write a few sentences about each of the 3 best-designed sites on the web and why you love them.
  • Polish off your resume.
  • Let us know boldly and precisely why we should hire you.
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Which is your wireframing methodology/software of choice?
    • If you were given 24.5 hours in a day, what would you do with the extra half hour?
    • What is the last design book you read?
    • What is the best show on television?
    • If you couldn’t be a designer, what would you be doing?
    • What is your favorite meal?
    • If you could take credit for decorating the interior of a store (one you’re pretty sure we’d know), which would it be?
  • Email it all to design@->exercise.com
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Include a logo or some kind of creative for exercise.com.






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