Integrating UX into the Product Development Process

Bruce Esrig
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March 24, 2010 - 6:30pm
Madison, NJ
United States
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When a new product is developed, its business goals and the way that it will be used need to be developed together. In this session, Michael Grossman will discuss how user experience work integrates with product development in business.

As a starting point for the session, Michael will identify the places in the product lifecycle where user experience design decisions are made. To illustrate how product teams can adopt design methods to influence and improve this decision making, he will focus on methods for creating a listening channel. The core of the method is to conduct interviews of potential users and other stakeholders and to take advantage of prototypes and direct field observation where applicable. The notes that are generated from these exercises are then analyzed to produce findings that can be communicated to the internal stakeholders, including the development team, and to customers.

The presentation will include real world examples in which ideas are brought through the design process, so you can see how they are changed by their contact with observations drawn from real and realistic uses

Michael merged his skills in graphic design and multimedia into a career in User Experience Design after graduating with a B.S. in Jazz in 1989. He has delivered projects for clients including Kenneth Cole, Merrill Lynch, Apple, Time Warner, NFL Properties, AOL, Toshiba and W&R Grace. He is currently responsible for User Experience Design for ICAP's Electronic Broking unit, which averages close to $1 trillion a day in transactions.

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28 Mar 2010 - 6:14am
Bruce Esrig

We had a great presentation on allowing users to provide input on what would help them most.

For a quick tidbit on this, see Michael's article (with amusing videos) in uxmag about change blindness that emphasizes the importance of stepping back and staying observant. The article is at


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