Quarterly Service Project - Wonderland Archetype/Persona Creation

Brandon Stephens
Event date: 
May 26, 2011 - 4:45pm - 7:00pm
580 N 4th St Suite 610
Columbus, OH
United States
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Event description: 

We are currently in the data crunching phase of this project, and we will be doing this digitally. Please bring a laptop with you to the session so that we can have plenty for people to work with.

The event will be Thursday, May 26th from 5:45p to 8:00p at Lextant.

Location: http://tinyurl.com/3rjp633

This is the second to last session for this quarterly service project. We would love to see you there to help out, and get us closer to delivery for Wonderland! The future of quarterly service projects will be touched upon during this meeting, with more to come next month. We also have some restructuring of the project that we would like to discuss with anyone who joins us. We hope to see you there!

For those of you not able to attend yet, a bit about Wonderland and the collaboration:

Wonderland is a non-profit group looking to build a creative hub in Columbus. Their mission is "to provide the creative community with the facilities, resources, and education needed to become more efficient, productive and economically sustainable." They have purchased the old WonderBread factory and are turning it into a multi-use space for artist studios, shared workshops, exhibition spaces, performance venues, recording studios, rehearsal spaces, office and co-working spaces, retail spaces, as well as food services.

We will be collaboratively working with Wonderland through a series of workshops and have the opportunity to help them in a variety of ways; from creating a future story of what it will be like from the user's perspective to use this new facility, creating a UX/Service Design framework to help guide future design decisions, envisioning a new web/mobile presence that may help extend the Wonderland experience beyond the brick-and-mortar building, among others.

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