Design by Fire Café #019

Yohan Creemers
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September 17, 2012 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Louis Hartlooper Complex
Tolsteegbrug 1
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IxDA Nederland
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On Monday 17 September 2012 IxDA Nederland organizes the 19th edition of Design by Fire Café. Design by Fire Café is an informal gathering for (interaction) designers.

Design Principles & Guidelines

As designer, you are responsible for shaping the design process, especially at companies where the design profession has a subordinate role. In large companies, the risk of 'island formation' arises, where each island devises their own solutions for the same problem. Defining design principles, vision and guidelines ensures a more efficient method. It helps product managers and the design team in making design decisions.

The process of defining and communicating the design principles can be inspirating, and even bring new enthusiasm. Nobody likes a list of rules imposed on them. It's therefore a challenge to involve colleagues in establishing design principles and to make them feel that these make the daily work more enjoyable.

Bob will tell you what design principles are, how they add value and how you can design and incorporate them.

Bob de Graaf has an extensive background as a designer for web and desktop applications for international software companies. Working on the various (SaaS) products (airfreight industry, CAD/3D modeling and ERP business software) has given him a different perspective on design. Bob de Graaf is currently leading a project at Exact Software to design principles and guidelines and to integrate these into the design process.


The presentation will be held in Dutch. The program starts at 8pm.
A free entrance, buy your own drinks event.

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Design Principles

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