Designing the restaurant experience

Event date: 
January 23, 2013 - 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Beertown Restaurant
75 King St. South
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IxDA Waterloo
Event description: 

This month, we stretch our skills (and tease our taste buds) by getting an inside look at the role of design in the restaurant business. Many of the principles behind designing great experiences are universal, so there's lots to learn by exchanging ideas with our compatriots in industries outside our normal fields of interest.

And as far as fields of interest go, it's tough to knock great food & drink!

Jody Palubiski (Managing Partner) and Cindy Perri (Brand Guardian) of the Charcoal Group are hosting us at the newly-opened Beertown in Waterloo Town Square. Jody and Cindy will describe the goals, considerations, and challenges involved in designing the restaurant experience. They'll cover ground such as the physical space, menus, logos and visuals, and more. Much of our time together will be open Q&A, so it's a great chance to learn something new and to draw connections with your own design practice — regardless of the medium in which you work.

Come prepared to buy your own drink during this event, and there's a strong chance you'll find a nice selection of foods to accompany it...

Attendance is limited, so please register for this event!


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