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Why travel to NY for IxDA?

Okay, so there ARE some really good reasons to do that.
But there are also lots of great reasons to stick around CT and network, learn a few things, and explore our domain... and those reasons are YOU!

CT is full of amazingly creative IA/UX/ID/ADJ (Acronymn Du Jour) talent.
Let's tap into our expertise, charisma, character, and uniquely nuttymeg way of getting things done.

For a bit of focus, I'm going to propose that this group concentrate on Time & Space... and actually extend into doing some research that can be published. Let's meet AND let's make something happen.

I'd be thrilled if you joined our merry band.
Join our Facebook Group to keep up to date.

Regards, Mikey

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IxDA Connecticut discussion

23 Oct 2012 - 11:05am
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