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Message to the group

Hello! This is the official student chapter of IxDA at Georgia Tech! We're just getting started in 2012 and hope to grow as we go on. Everyone’s welcome, whether you're a designer, engineer, programmer, or just a student; we can all learn something from each other. The goal here is to make it easy to find out about and attend events both hosted by IxDA and also other organizations where you can meet students and professionals. We're also putting together some workshops where you can learn new skills, and also we're going to beconnecting you with resources, files, and jobs.

Are you a professional or want to be connected with those in Atlanta? Check out our sister group IxDA Atlanta.

Here's how you can stay connected:

  • Our Website: Visit our official web page at http://ixda.gatech.edu/ to sign up for the newsletter, peruse the awesome resources / links page, and view not just official IxDA events but other relevant events as well!

  • IxDA.org: Bookmark us at http://www.ixda.org/local/ixda-georgia-tech (this page), and click the "Join this Local" button which should appear somewhere along the right sidebar of this page. Here you can join in on discussions online in both this chapter and others, view details about conference, and access much more.

  • The Newsletter: Sign up for the newsletter to receive the occasional email filled to the brim with upcoming events, news, reminders, and information about job openings. Learn more at http://ixda.gatech.edu/


Stay up to date with healthy mix of content from both this site and our static site to make sure you don't miss a beat.

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