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IxDA Northern NJ is a local group of the IxDA. Our session announcements are at http://www.meetup.com/ia-54

We get together once a month for a meeting on a theme related to interaction design or the broader field of user experience. Recently, we've been working hard on design for wellness.

We are building a repertoire of techniques founded in design that can be used to help someone understand their challenges, resources, and motivations, so they can become better advocates for themselves. This is a person-centered angle on patient-directed healthcare, where we assume that:

  • Each person may have their own approach to wellness
  • The fix-your-illness ecosystem is an external resource, and
  • The tempt-you-to-become-unhealthier ecosystem is an external obstacle to wellness.


We're trying to establish a design-based methodology for coaching a person so that they are enabled to adopt new, healthier habits.

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IxDA Northern NJ discussion

30 Nov 2012 - 4:51pm

Digital Empathy Map

I have this idea and working prototype for a digital empathy map. I have posted it on Twitter and as most of you know Dave Gray the godfather of empathy map is excited about it.

Problem is I need help. I need people to tell me how as UXer we can make this better for our needs.

Take a look at the prototype. Play with it.


We can have this conversation here or we can take it offline. 


How do you incorporate user testing into Agile Mobile Design?

I recently had dinner with one of my heroes and fellow Rosenfeld Media workshop leaders, Steve Krug. We had a long conversation about how to make mobile usability testing work for Agile mobile design projects. 

The free webinar (link below) is the result.

Have you tried my PostIt notes methodology, and if so, what do you think? What techniques do you yourself use for Agile usability testing and RITE?



7 Mobile Strategy Tips for 2012: Mobile Websites, Tablet Apps and Hybrids

Sites like YouTube and Facebook are already projecting mobile use to surpass desktop use as early as *this year*. What’s your mobile and tablet strategy? Allow me to humbly present the wisdom I got from the experience of walking the last 365 miles. Barefoot. In the snow. Uphill both ways.