IxDA Northern NJ

Message to the group

IxDA Northern NJ is a local group of the IxDA. Our session announcements are at http://www.meetup.com/ia-54

We get together once a month for a meeting on a theme related to interaction design or the broader field of user experience. Recently, we've been working hard on design for wellness.

We are building a repertoire of techniques founded in design that can be used to help someone understand their challenges, resources, and motivations, so they can become better advocates for themselves. This is a person-centered angle on patient-directed healthcare, where we assume that:

  • Each person may have their own approach to wellness
  • The fix-your-illness ecosystem is an external resource, and
  • The tempt-you-to-become-unhealthier ecosystem is an external obstacle to wellness.


We're trying to establish a design-based methodology for coaching a person so that they are enabled to adopt new, healthier habits.

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