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27 Oct 2003 - 10:55am
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Dave Malouf

Well it is time to say goodbye to our Yahoo Group and move to our
new domain, discuss at interactiondesigners.com.

Moving forward the members of this list should now send their
messages to discuss at interactiondesigners.com. You have all been
subscribed to this new list. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. However your
options for digests and "no email" settings were lost in the
transfer. (see below for subscription option details). Messages sent
to the Yahoo group for now on will be held and sent back to the
sender to be sent to the new list.

[Special Note: If you manage spam through the use of whitelists
please see the details area.]

This new list will not be for discussion creating a new
organization. However, based on user response, we offer this new
group as a new list for people to discuss more generally interaction

We see this as another high volume list. So we are also creating a
new list which will be a low volume, announcements only list. (see
subscription details below).

For people who are interested in discussing and actually getting
their hands dirty (optional) in the creation of a new organization
(of some variety), we have an existing list which you can subscribe
to by sending an email to volunteers at interactiondesigners.com. This
is a high volume list.

This message will be repeated on the new address as your first
message there.

Thank you.
The Steering Committee
Rick, Challis, Jim and Dave

1. discuss at interactiondesigners.com

To subscribe: discuss-subscribe at interactiondesigners.com
To unsubscribe discuss-unsubscribe at interactiondesigners.com
For other options: discuss-request at interactiondesigners.com
with "help" (no quotes) or "set" (also no quotes) in the message
body. Here you will find out how to set your account for digest or
go on vacation mode.
You can also go to
Here is where there will eventually be archives and you have web
access to your options.

The following addresses should be added to your white list so that
we do not receive bounces do to spam protection software:
discuss at interactiondesigners.com
discuss at lists.interactiondesigners.com
discuss-interactiondesigners.com at lists.interactiondesigners.com
bounce at lists.interactiondesigners.com
discuss-interactiondesigners.com-admin at lists.interactiondesigners.com
discuss-interactiondesigners.com-owner at lists.interactiondesigners.com

2. announce at interactiondesigners.com (one-way)

http://interactiondesigners.com/announceList/ no digest or vacation options
here. Just subscribe and unsubscribe.

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