ADMIN: CSS2 books & Pen-based tools (summary request)

19 May 2006 - 3:02pm
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Dave Malouf

Admin request:

This is a great thread!

I was wondering if someone would be willing to summarize this thread and
the thread about pen-based tools, and enter them into the IxDA Library.

I think threads like these are great opportunities for us to collect
some knowledge and the Resource Library is a great area for us to not
only do referencing, but also engage in conversations about those
references in the standard blog like way.

No need to chime in here, but just do it. :)

It might be interesting when people make requests like this in the
future that maybe they can also volunteer to make this happen
themselves. I don't want to force that as I don't want people to stop
asking questions b/c they dont' want the extra work, but it is just a
thought to help the community move through.

Just remember, YOU are the community, the only people who do anything at
IxDA are you, or people like you.

-- dave

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