[JOB] Information Architect, NYC | 70-80k

26 May 2006 - 11:29pm
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Beau Gould

Information Architect, NYC | 70-80k

The ideal candidate for the position of information architect is a
creative and/or analytical thinker; this person should be able to
contribute to the creation of imaginative interface designs that are
intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and technically feasible. Excellent
written and oral communication skills are a must. Ideal candidates will
have experience in user research, interaction design/prototyping and/or
evaluation. Primary responsibilities include:

* Researching and defining users goals, needs and characteristics
* Translating user needs into solution definition, functional scope,
interaction flow and content structure
* Documenting all functional requirements through site mapping and wire
frame construction
* Working collaboratively with strategy consultants, graphic designers
and software developers
* Developing interactive or paper prototypes
* Planning and conducting usability evaluations
* Communicating the results of evaluations to clients and other members
of the development team
* Conducting efficient research of related web properties to determine
best practices through competitive analyses
* Deconstructing content libraries and inventing new, more efficient
nomenclatures and taxonomies.

Applicants should have a BA or Masters in Informatics, Human-Computer
Interaction, Cognitive Psychology, Sociology, Marketing, or other
related field. The position requires demonstrated experience with a
number of commonly used techniques such as conduction task analysis,
interviews, observation, questionnaires, concurrent and retrospective
protocols, prototyping (hi or lo-fi), participatory design,
flowcharting, site mapping, analytical and empirical usability
evaluations. An understanding of how marketing and branding issues
impact interface design is also desirable.

Recommended skills
* Direct previous work experience as a Usability Specialist, Human
Interface Design or Business Systems Analyst is required.
* Productive skills with Photoshop and Illustrator or Visio
* Understanding of HTML, CSS and general web templating techniques or
content management systems.
* Comfortable with reading and developing UML use cases

To be considered for this position, candidates:

MUST live in or around the tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) area.
MUST work on-site at clients NYC office.
MUST be a US Citizen or GC holder.

If you are interested in this position and live in the area, please
submit your resume and a paragraph highlighting your knowledge as it
pertains to this job along with your salary requirements to
beau at open-source-staffing.com

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