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29 May 2006 - 3:32pm
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Javier Cabrera

Hi there,
I really hope not being bothering someone with my announcements of the
15tags site over here. Some time ago, I asked in this list for people
to participate in the Alpha release of an application I was
developing. The application was a social networking one, I mention somewhere just to make a comparison.

Now I moved to a new experiment with that application. I will jot down
every thing going on in the developing phase. I mean, everyhing; less
one thing: what the application really does, that info will be
released at the launch stage.

I will document:
- The problems we find
- How we solve them
- What solutions we tried, and why they didn't worked
- How the tests with users went, what feedback they gave to us
- Sketches of interaction, and how I expect people interact with the website
- How test guys really interacted with the site, and a comparison with
my sketches
- I will apply common sense and good practices by the big guys (read,
Jakob Nielsen, etc) and we will see how people interact with that on
the site.
- The coder will be talking about his part too
- I will be also getting into design and XHTML/CSS development (for
those who like geeky stuff)

And I will try to give you guys and Insight of how a pet project is developed.

The address is

Some of the people here agreed to participate in the alpha release,
so, most of them will also give us insights and I will be posting them
online, for anyone who cares to read had a good time with them.

If our experiences developing this product (which, will be FREE btw,
so anyone will be able to use it) can help any interaction designer
here to understand a little bit more how users interact and behave in
front of a website, it will help ;)

Thanks for your attention everyone! I apologize for the long email
(hope not boring someone over there!)

Javier Cabrera

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