[JOB] UI Designers (2), San Francisco, CA

30 May 2006 - 11:47pm
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Beau Gould

UI Designers (2), San Francisco, CA

My San Francisco (Peninsula) client is looking for 2 UI Designers. 1
junior-to-mid-level (50-70k) and 1 senior level (80-100k).

They are the leading community directory for parents, homeowners and
anyone new to a city. They tap into the knowledge of your neighborhood
by allowing people to recommend and share their experiences about great
local businesses. The site has close to 1 million customer reviews for
businesses across the country and over 2 million visitors per month.

- Help them figure out what to build
- Help them figure out how to make it better
- Make it better
- See what the rest of the world thinks
- Make it even better based on the world's feedback

- Hand-coding HTML, CSS, & Javascript
- Ability to work with graphic design, software developers, product
managers and others to create a compelling user experience
- Interest in working with Ruby on Rails

If you are local to the San Francisco area, please submit your resume,
salary requirements, and a paragraph (or two) highlighting your
skills/experience as it pertains to this job to
beau at open-source-staffing.com

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