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1 Jun 2006 - 3:29am
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peter sikking

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> From: "Javier Cabrera" <hulksjedi at gmail.com>
> Hi Cynthia, hope you're well.
> Being a designer, I used fireworks on both, PC and Mac. The Mac
> version looks exactly like the PC version and that's bets about it,
> there isn't a very large change.
> The question you have to ask yourself and your team, is what is
> better?
> a) To make the app GUI all over again, from zero to port it on the
> mac? To "fix" little windows mistakes? that may be hard for window
> users who used to work with the application before, on windows and now
> they want it on their macs. For the other hand, sometimes we want to
> fix things and we end up making them worst, so I think you should
> consider this.
> b) Port it exactly like it was on PC, but that will translate all the
> PC problems to the Mac too, so you will end up with a beautiful Mac
> interface with the Windows problems. Idem point "a".
> For me, its best when a windows application is ported to Mac exactly
> like it was on windows; because I don't have to learn anything new
> about it.

I was going to write a paragraph in my first post about this,
but then I thought it was obvious, being among ourselves.

The biggest trap you can fall into is "the UI has to be
consistent across platforms." aka bunker thinking.

Look + feel guidelines are not just a good idea, it is the law.

Yes, _in_spirit_ the app has to be the same on both platforms,
but one of them has to perfectly fit in with the windows world,
and the other one has to perfectly fit in with the mac world.

Cynthia, you are the only one in your company able to pull
off this delicate balancing act.


principal user interaction architect
man + machine interface works
functional interaction solutions

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