id & productivity: tabulation and switching between controls

1 Jun 2006 - 9:18am
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Simon Asselbergs

Hi All,

Do you know a short descriptive paper or article which describes the tabulation button [Tab] to switch from control to control from the point of view of productivity/software ergonomy?

I have no usability lab yet, so I am interested how the user percieves the advantage of tabulating between user controls.I can explain how it is useful in core: tabulation between user controls can be productive if navigationflow between controls follows the standard workflow of the user between controls (the most repetitive paths). If done properly the tabulation guides the user so he doesn't require much attention while giving a lot of input to the system in a very short time period. Thus being a very productive happy user. I need to refine my story and back it up with facts and reasoning. Any ideas?



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