golden opportunity, a case and a very unusual proposal

22 Jun 2006 - 1:35pm
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crispin baynes


This sounds like a ridiculous plan that could see you lose your job - how
are you going to explain what happened to your next potential employer?
I am sure that a lot of people in this groundbreaking space have to educate
their peers and managers on a daily basis on the value of UX and their
roles. I am also sure that the majority (at least the sane ones) do this by
producing solid work, with tangible results. You have a wonderful community
here where you can draw upon many examples and business cases that can be
used to educate your boss. Trust me, he/she boss hired you because they feel
you have the potential to add value. They don't need to go through the
hiring process again. Now it's your turn to demonstrate this by being a
proactive advocate of UX in the company. Why don't you ask your boss if you
can schedule a time for a Ux seminar or workshop that will not only allow
you a forum to explain what you do and how you can add value but it will
make you look proactive and guess what - you'll keep your job!
Good Luck

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Hi All,

I am almost upto doing something which is rather unusual, I guess. I want
some opinions of the most passionate interaction designers of you. It might
be insane, it might be insane but good for our profession. You think you
have the almost ideal job, and might to do something crazy, to get it even
better. But by doing it, you might lose your job or credits.

The case:

This is my first job and I am their first and only interaction designer, a
medium size company (300 employees). They never made a job offering for
interaction design. They didn't heard what it is, if it wasn't me to tell
them. I just wrote them a mail about the benefits of Interaction Design and
what we could mean to each other. They were enthousiastic, so everything
went natural and well. I work there for hardly two months and I see so much
oppportunties and inspiring challenges for interaction design I know those
are waiting to be dealt with, it's like being a kid in the candystore.

However, they are so far away of understanding the real potential of
interaction design as a discipline, that it's sometimes so hard to make them
understand what they really need of an interaction designer and how much it
could improve their understanding and of potential for their products. It
was quite hard to make them understand so far. I only had 1 hour to tell
them at the job interview before I started.

In those to months they gave me some compliments. Hell, they might even want
to keep me for good. The latter I don't know. But I am a little impatient
with getting results, because I know when I see an opportunity and how to
make my hands dirty. Like everyone els on this list.

I already said to my boss, just google "interaction design vacature" (dutch
vacature= english job offering), see 10 of the search results and then you
will have a better idea what it is required from interaction designers. It
will become clear what you might expect of me. I already said it twice. I
must say I find my boss a exceptionally good manager, that at least means a
lot to me. But he forgets to google it.

What if I propose them something quite unusual (I guess):
"Why not inform yourself? Publish a job offering about my job, maybe even
extended with the knowledge of a google "interaction designer vacature (ed:
job offering [Eng])" and then see what they tell you what interaction design
is and how you can reap the benefits. The more you know what you might
expect from my profession, the better I can materialize it." I could lose my
job in a snap, because they can find someone more suitable for what tey
want. But if not, I could also be used in a better way. And that thought
teases me like mad.

It is better for them to know my value and usefulness in the market. And
better for me they exactly know what I have them to offer compared to
others. The sooner the better. I don't like to make large income. I like to
compete and I am passionate about my profession: Interaction Design.

How would you react if you where my boss and you're in the mentioned



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