JOB: Sr. User Research Analyst (Mountain View, California)

27 Jun 2006 - 10:47pm
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Nancy Falkenburg

Contact: nancy_falkenburg at

LOCATION: Mountain View, California

Role: Sr. User Research Analyst ( 55411 )

Company: Intuit


QuickBooks Senior User Researcher

Are you a talented, skilled, and influential user researcher with strong
customer affinity and user empathy? Do you want to improve business and
improve lives by applying your skills to create world-class
applications? Do you want to be a key player in a community that is
leading the industry in designing compelling and useful user experiences
for business and information workers?

The QuickBooks user experience team seeks an accomplished User
Researcher to help grow our User Centered Design team capability and to
uplift our product efforts. It could be you! You could play a role in
defining and building a strong user experience team that actively works
with a variety of functional teams across the group and across the
financial software and services Intuit provides to small businesses. We
seek a strong researcher with previous leadership and
product/interaction experience, one with passion around communications,
product innovation, field and laboratory research.

You will provide thought leadership toward our ability to understand
users and customers in context and to turn that understanding into
action. You will help build a culture that is able to collect and
analyze relevant data (from planning, support, lab testing, and your own
field research) and to turn it into compelling, useful, and successful
QuickBooks products.

Duties and Responsibilities
Develop and execute innovative strategies to answer user research
Gather information on user needs and goals from user research, field
studies, lab studies, site visits, market researchers, support
personnel, customer feedback channels; turn that data into actionable
design requirements and use it to influence product direction
Apply knowledge of usability, human factors, experimental or cognitive
psychology, ethnography, anthropology, and the user-centered design
process to product design
Design and conduct competitive reviews, usability tests, focus groups,
site visits, longitudinal studies (field research, ethnographic studies,
benchmarks); will include U.S. travel
Analyze and present results of research efforts, creating both
compelling presentations and design/product recommendations
Collaborate with initiative and product management, other user
researchers, and designers on conceptual models, process flows, user
scenarios and tasks, UI design and architecture
Drive innovations in methods and tools to move QuickBooks and the user
experience team forward
Participate in and contribute to the Intuit user experience community
and other professional activities

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