JOB: Director of User Experience (Chicago, IL)

28 Jun 2006 - 1:53pm
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Karen McGrane

Avenue A | Razorfish is seeking a Director of User Experience in
Chicago. Please email Karen McGrane
(karen.mcgrane at directly to apply.


User Experience Community seeking passionate, strong willed, pragmatic
yet innovative leader who can see the forest, the trees, through the
trees, through the forest and the little lady bug sitting on the leaf in
front of your eyes. Strong research background and ability to boil up
the pond (sometimes the ocean) to derive strategies and insights for
compelling user experiences.

Skills needed:

* Ability to absorb large amounts of Business Development,
philosophy, process, methodology and be able to reorient, guide, and
* Ability to mentor and lead a community of highly talented
best-in-class individuals, providing both long-term vision and
day-to-day execution.
* Lead, set direction and elevate the overall operations of the
Central Region User Experience Team.

Responsibilities include:

Operational Responsibilities

* Managing the operations of the Experience Strategy, IA, User
Research and Insights communities within the User Experience group.
* Maintain a contractor network for Experience Strategy, IA, User
Research, and Interaction design
* Ensure overall community and discipline team health
* Manage overall hiring, career development, reward and recognition
* Manage overall firing, disciplinary plans, working with ECD and HR
* 50% billable

Stand for Great Work

* Establish philosophies and methodologies for delivering User
Centered Design solutions
* Support all business development as it relates to User Expeirence
needs -- either hands on or by delegating
* Advocate on projects and within solution development for customer
needs, then translate them into strategies and concepts for compelling
* Collaboratively inspire the development of scenarios, navigation
models, and prototypes for demonstration of concepts to clients
* Develop and document detailed information architecture and
interaction designs for highly interactive interfaces
* Lead and/or participate in immersive user research, concept
testing, and usability testing
* Drive innovation, elevate quality, and establish benchmark work
for clients

Required Skills:

* Degree in a related field, such as human-computer interaction,
visual design, product design, interaction design, or technical
* 7+ years experience developing interactive products
* Demonstrated expertise in consumer or B2B eCommerce, software
application interfaces, and/or interactive marketing -- must include
creating transactional interfaces
* Demonstrated ability to work with templates and content management
* Demonstrated experience leading and/or observing user research and
usability testing and in translating results into design decisions
* Demonstrated ability to document designs in scenarios, workflows,
site architectures,interaction notes, and page template/wireframe
formats. Use case and functional requirements development preferred
* 2+ years business development experience
* Strong user-centered design orientation
* Strong team collaboration and facilitation skills
* Proven ability to run a group larger than 5 people
* Attention to detail
* Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills
* Experience in a client services environment
* Willingness to travel

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