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30 Jun 2006 - 7:28am
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Jon Kolko [SCAD]


I am posting the message below on behalf of Marta Rey-Babarro, the CHI 2007
Communications Chair. I want to encourage Designers of all types to consider
submitting work to the Design Community of CHI; there is an active push
within CHI to raise the awareness and respect of Design within the large HCI
professional world. This has been gaining momentum at CHI since the mid
nineties, and is beginning to see a great deal of traction. Please visit to view the Design Call for Papers,
and note the submission deadline of October 20th, 2006 for Experience
Reports (case studies) and Interactivity (working prototypes).

Thanks again,

Jon Kolko
CHI 2007 Design Co-Chair
Savannah College of Art and Design

Original Message:

Hello CHI folk!

If you haven't visited the CHI 2007 web site recently we invite you to go
here now:

While there, we'd like to draw your attention to several near-term

- Applications for mentoring support or volunteering to act as a mentor.
* June 29: Deadline for Requesting a Mentor for Archival Submissions
* July 14: Deadline for Requesting a Mentor for Contemporary Trends

- Getting involved as a reviewer of CHI submissions.

- Ideas about stories or milestones that could contribute to our 25th
anniversary celebration.


Marta Rey-Babarro
CHI 2007 Communication's Chair
University of Michigan

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