Released: US Mobile Music & Video Usability Benchmark

5 Jul 2006 - 3:51pm
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Scott Weiss

Usable Products Company Releases Mobile Music & Video Usability Benchmark

Usability of mobile music and video were underwhelming

NEW YORK – 5 July 2006 – Usable Products Company, leading usability design
and research for the global mobile and wireless industry, releases today
“Mobile Music & Video User Experience Benchmark” study of Amp’d Kyocera
Angel, Sprint LG Fusic, and Verizon Samsung SCH-a950.

“Despite polished visual design, usability participants had a terrible
time purchasing and playing video and music on mobile phones," states
Scott Weiss, CEO, Usable Products Company. "In their rush to market, these
services forgot basic usability principles.”

Verizon's V Cast service was a mixed bag. Participants found its video
slow, but it was the best overall of the three video services. V Cast
video had the quickest completion times, highest success rates and best
user satisfaction scores. These triumphs resulted from the catalog’s
simplicity combined with purchase process clarity. Amp'd and Sprint video
users had difficulty finding media within the catalogs and were confused
during purchase transactions. However, V Cast Music required too many
steps at the purchase stage and the Samsung SCH-a950 repeatedly ran out of
memory, resulting in slow task completions—averaging more than five
minutes—compared to less than three minutes for Sprint LG Fusic users.

Both LG’s Fusic and Samsung’s SCH-a950 had external controls for playing
music while the handset was closed. Success rates for external controls
were 62% and 67%, respectively. Weiss noted, “If more than a third of
consumers fail at using these phones as media players, the phones will
flop in the market.”

This 132-page report includes:
- 73 charts, including time to complete, success rates, and user
- 27 pages of analysis pinpointing user interface problems.
- 11 Best Practices describing top usability issues and how to avoid them.
- 33 video clips showing usability challenges.
- Photographic diagrams mapping steps users took to purchase and play
media on each of the three phones.

The Mobile Music & Video Benchmark is available for immediate purchase.
Usable Products helps clients increase revenue and customer loyalty
through improved ease of use. Usable Products, a privately held company,
was formed in 1996. Visit or call Scott Weiss at

Scott Weiss
Principal, Usable Products Company: (212.929.8599)
Author, "Handheld Usability":

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