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10 Jul 2006 - 3:29pm
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Dave Malouf

Hi Christian,

My favorite way to gather feedback is through presentation and Q&A with
a paired designer taking notes. Or doing this 1-on-1 where possible
where me and the other user scribble on print-outs or use Adobe
commenting if we are looking onscreen.

The latter is good b/c the comments act as a means of clarifying, making
sure you understand their comments in the right context.

I'll stop there and let others chime in.

-- dave

Christian Sosa-Lanz wrote:
> [Please voluntarily trim replies to include only relevant quoted material.]
> I'm looking various ways by which other interaction designers gather
> feedback from stakeholders during the design and development process.
> What I'm looking for are some effective ways by which feedback can be
> elicited and managed internally and externally. At the end of the day
> is red pen on print outs the best solution or do software based
> solutions like Acrobat's feedback tools work better in the long run?
> I haven't seen many other options out there for my stakeholders to
> associate comments directly to parts of of the page, any suggestions?

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