Job Posting - Microsoft User Experience Evangelists - multiple US (and global) locations

12 Jul 2006 - 11:38am
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crispin baynes

Hi All,

The User Experience Evangelist (UXE) is a member of the world wide team of
Developer Platform Evangelists (DPE) within a subsidiary or district. The
overall mission of the DPE is to secure platform adoption and revenue growth
through evangelism, community engagement, relationship marketing and a
vibrant solutions ecosystem.

As a UXE, you are Microsoft's representative to the designer community
helping to win the hearts and minds regarding the Microsoft platform. The
notion of "User Experience" lies at the center of Microsoft's continued long
term success as a platform company, by enabling our customers to build rich,
immersive, compelling end-user experiences that stand-out and differentiate
from competitive offerings. The "creative professional" audience is a
critical component of the development process. In order to realize improved
software UX, designers will need to be empowered to design and build the
best possible content in the most productive and efficient collaborative
environment together with professional developers.

The UXE is a role with the mission of engaging with the broad community of
designers and other influential users driving excitement around design
related technologies for both the standards-web and Windows platforms. This
position is a great opportunity to build perception of Microsoft in the
design space and to create usage of Microsoft's platform and tools
technologies through breadth marketing programs and depth engagement with
key accounts.

UXE's must be able to talk about both design technology and the business
value of great design in the software industry. UXE's must be able to speak
in a compelling and enthusiastic manner to many audiences within the design
ecosystem, including designers and production artists, producers and
client/services managers, as well as creative directors and general
management. UXE's must also be able to engage in technical dialog with more
traditional "development" organizations such as ISVs and IT departments,
where the art and business of "design" is less understood and developed.

Equally important is that you will form a critical part of a strategic end
user experience research group that delivers accurate feedback to the
product development teams.

Passion for UX, design and the creative process, technical skills in design
and web development technologies, curiosity, and exceptional communication
and presentation skills are required.

* Able to engage and build relationship with designers including
participating in online and offline designer communities, engaging with
influentials and third party communities.
* Able to deliver articulate, effective, and audience-appropriate
presentations / demonstrations with designer oriented content to both small
and large audiences
* Convey a compelling and convincing case for Microsoft technologies
vs. the competition
* Extend reach in the designer community by partnering with Audience
* Win the hearts of Designers to build positive perception of
Microsoft with designers and our products.
* Maintain knowledge of multiple versions of the same product and
speak to future releases

* Experience with professional design tools, the market and customers
for these tools, or as a professional designer/developer in the interactive
and web design space is strongly preferred.
* Production experience as part of a team building / delivering web
and interactive content and applications, either in a creative or technical
* 5 - 8 years related experience:
o Demonstrated expertise with products such as: Photoshop,
Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Director, and other professional design
tools for photography, video, 3d, animation, and layout is a requirement.
o Technical skills should include web standards expertise (HTML, CSS,
XML, AJAX), and interactive programming with scripting languages e.g.
Javascript, Actionscript, Lingo, or Flex.
* Passionate about rich internet applications, web design, interactive
design, and user experience in all mediums from software to consumer
* Individuals may come from either a Technical or Creative background
if they possess reasonable capacity in the other.
* Flexibility in regards to work schedule and travel
* Strong communication and negotiation skills
* Solid understanding of the competitive products and how to
differentiate Microsoft from its competitors

Additional 'nice to have' attributes:

- Already and active person in the community with a credible
- Is speaking at UX/design related conferences
- Is in a position of influence in the wider community and is well
- Traditionally not biased towards MS so will be perceived as non
- Underneath that there is substance - he/she 'gets' it, is
passionate about this stuff, does it at home.
- Is a good speaker and group leader. Has experience writing white
papers and is an active blogger.
- Has some technical skills and aptitude - we don't need coders but
need to be able to address an IT dept.
- Not egotistical or convoluted in communication or style = a good
- Able to firstly talk with passion, insight and a deep knowledge
about the notion of UX, why it's important to us. Can naturally engage at
that conceptual level - we want people to talk about the reasons why we need
UX, its fundamental importance and then guide the conversation towards
technology's role in this, how technology is evolving and finally what MS is
doing in this space.

* Several UXE's are required across multiple locations (US and
* These are brand new roles in a rapidly expanding and high exposure
area of the business
* Significant ongoing training and resources will be invested in these
people to enable them to stay at the forefront of this space.
* These are definite career roles with a number of potential paths
within Microsoft for successful candidates
- Highly competitive salary packages + bonuses + stock options await.

Please send resumes + work samples or links to Crispin Baynes:
cbaynes at

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