Recruit Event: The New Business Degree Is Not An MBA

18 Jul 2006 - 1:41pm
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Chad Jennings

For those interested in Grad Programs, most specifically design
innovation and strategic planning, the Institute of Design is holding
this SF engagement.

thx, chad

The New Business Degree Is Not An MBA

August 9, 2006, 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Varnish Fine Art, 77 Natoma Street, San Francisco, California

What do the iPod, Web 2.0, Bottom of the Pyramid, and the Cooper Mini
have in common? They are all driving how business is done today and
they are all design-driven innovations. If you are thinking about
graduate business school, you should be thinking about a graduate
degree from the Institute of Design.

Please join us in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 9th to learn
more about the graduate school BusinessWeek calls "one of the best
sources of creative talent for business today."

Faculty and Bay Area alumni of the school will share with you how a
degree from the IIT Institute of Design was the basis for a more
successful and rewarding business career using design at its core.
Come to learn more about

- The innovative ID curriculum that links design and business
- The amazing combination of backgrounds and talent that comprise our
student body
- The wide range of companies that recruit from the Institute of Design
- The important and rewarding roles our alumni play in organizations
after graduation
- ID's high-quality educational environment in downtown Chicago

About the host
Professor Conley is a highly-rated faculty member of the Institute of
Design, known for his ability to relate advanced theories and methods
of design to business results. He has made the integration of design
and business the basis of his professional and academic careers. He
leads the Integrated Definition Research Group at ID, where his
research focuses on how design facilitates high performance work at
the front end of innovation. He is also co-founder of Gravity Tank, a
rapidly growing consulting firm in Chicago that applies what is
taught at the Institute of Design to innovation efforts with clients
such as Motorola, Samsung, Unilever, and Office Max.

Who Should Attend
Anyone considering going back to school for a graduate degree to help
them become a leader of innovation.

Varnish Fine Art LLC
77 Natoma Street
San Francisco

Frances Waddock
Manager of Graduate Marketing
frances at

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