Shorthand for listing user actions from recordings

20 Jul 2006 - 3:44pm
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I posted this to another list and got no bites, so I
thought I would take a shot with the IxDA community!
- Russ


Has anyone developed a "shorthand" or language for specifying user
actions in recordings? I'm transcribing the results of user tests from
recordings of screen clicks and was wondering if there was a good
methodology for doing so.

For example, I have something like:

operations view: eov: interface util table: avg util column
header (sort)
operations view: eov: top hosts graph: dhcp bar
back button
operations view: eov: interface util table: houston interface
traffic analysis: interfaces: summary chart for Houston: dns
link (in yellow protocol list)
back button
back button
operations view: eov: top protocols graph: http bar (first line)
back button

I'm looking for a shorthand or something that would provide a consistent
efficient way of listing the actions.

Thank you,

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