Open Position for Flash Programmer/Animator (Mobile Phone Space)

28 Jul 2006 - 4:58pm
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Jim Leftwich

In May I joined Boston-based SavaJe Technologies and we've got an
opening for a Flash programmer/animator position in our new Palo Alto
Design Center. We're in the mobile OS/UX space and looking for
someone with really sick (and demonstrable) device-scaled animation

Here's the press release that describes the office my longtime
consulting/venture partner Soudy Khan and I opened in the last couple
of months:

The position description follows below. Interested candidates and
inquiries please contact Soudy at:

skhan at



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Flash Programmer

SavaJe is the Mobile Platform enabling the potential of wireless
Java. We’re backed by over $100 Million in Venture Capital.

Located in Palo Alto, California, SavaJe’s Palo Alto Design Center is
looking for an top-notch Flash Programmer: Someone capable of
quickly translating UI flows for mobile applications into Flash –
with an understanding that the use of color, transitions, and
animations are more than just bells & whistles; they help the user to
better understand the context of their interaction with a mobile
device (that was a mouthful.)

If you thrive in a “hot-house” environment, have a passion for what
you do, and you have seriously mad-skills (basically you know that
you’re better than 99% of the people in your field) then this job is
for you.


Superior Flash Skills
An understanding of how to use transitions and animations to enable a
better user-experience
Working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
An interest in the mobile space
Ability to work in a studio environment, often under intense deadlines
Attention to detail when working with designers
Reasonable communication skills and the ability to work with other
people (some of whom are border-line insane, yet very talented)

Plus: Your long-term aspiration is to become a movie director and you
truly understand Wipes, Dissolves, etc. and their usage in telling a

About SavaJe Technologies:

SavaJe Technologies delivers the Mobile Java Experience™. The
company’s SavaJe Mobile Platform™ radically simplifies and
accelerates the development of highly customizable, richly branded
and secure user interfaces across mobile feature phone handsets. This
enables operators and manufacturers for the first time to fully
exploit the branding, marketing and revenue potential of mobile
phones. SavaJe is backed by leading venture capital firms, including
Investcorp, VantagePoint Venture Partners, Ridgewood Capital, RRE
Ventures and New Venture Partners, as well as the strategic
investment arms of Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange. SavaJe maintains
global headquarters in Chelmsford, Mass., and European offices in
Cambridge, U.K.
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