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31 Jul 2006 - 12:44pm
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Dear Colleague,

We are conducting a study at the University of California, Berkeley to assess
automated tools for building category systems for search and browsing. To
this end we have prepared a questionnaire which concerns searches for recipes.
If you have experience conducting such searches, we hope you will participate
in this survey.

The questionnaire asks about the suitability of categories generated by two
different categorization tools. Your feedback will help us build an improved
tool for use across domains. More information on the study is provided at the
end of the questionnaire.

To participate, go to the following URL:

The questionnaire is confidential, and there will be no sales or marketing
follow-up. We estimate it will take 45 minutes to fill out this
questionnaire. Participants who complete the questionnaire by August 2,
2006, will be entered in a drawing for a $100 gift certificate for
(estimated odds of winning: 1/35).

If you have any questions please email Megan Richardson at
virtualusability at

Thank you.

Megan Richardson
Marti Hearst

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