ADMIN: how to set digest?

27 Oct 2003 - 2:41pm
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Dave Malouf

Hiya, a lot of people have been sending in requests for information about
how to set digest mode, so I thought a bulk send might be helpful.

Send an e-mail to: discuss-request at
In the message body type one of the following w/o quotes and w/o added text
in parens:
"set digest plain" (plain text, muddies up attachments)
"set digest mime" (richer text, allows for attachments) turn off digest
"set digest off"

For all other settings and help w/ the list you can send a message to the
same address above with "help" (no quotes) in the message &/or with "set"
(there are other settings as well).

We appreciate everyone's patience during these confusing times.

-- dave

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