When to display grid.

9 Aug 2006 - 2:38pm
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Perhaps you would find it rewarding to to go back, and to look up
historical designs from the
period in graphic design history generally labeled as
"International style," and the works from the Swiss schools under the
tutelage of designers such as
Armin Hofmann, Emil Ruder, and others. Start with schools from Basel
and Weimar.

Then study Jan Tschichold.

There were a lot of printed works these practitioners, including
company bills and bills of lading and
the forms that companies run on (_ran_ on, anyway). You will need to
dig beyond the posters,
however, which are more frequently known. Also, no need to limit to
just Swiss designers - there
are some notable Americans as well.

There is a lot there to learn from them about grids, lines, styles,
and developing a deft touch
when using them.

michel milano

>Thank you for your kind notice.
>Now, I'll try to ask my question again.
>In Excel, the grid line is always displayed by default. Then in
>what cases shall the grid line be displayed in a form? One case may
>be the user needs to set position to certain cell frequently. Any
>other ideas of the guidelines to display/hide the grid line?

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