.net GUI components Toolkits - Any recommendations?

18 Aug 2006 - 9:32am
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Karen Graham

I'm reviewing the following GUI toolkits for .net. My client currently uses
DevExpress a lot and it looks and works well.

It has a bug or two - for example the set time control in their vertical
inspector is totally broken.

The application will be a .net winforms app and we may or may not use the
office 2003 skin.

Here are the options:

www.syncfusion.com (OK - but components don't appear to be pixel perfect
copies of Office 2003)

www.nevron.com/ (Looks great - but this looks like a very new company and
it does not have a full library of expected components)

www.xceedsoft.com/ (OK so far - but does not have 2005 docking targets)

www.devexpress.com (OK and we have use this and for the most part its OK)

www.infragistics.com <http://www.infragistics.com/> (OK - but seem to lack
a full library of office 2003 components and the look is not pixel perfect.)

Any Information on the above packages, or other packages, would be

I'm interested in knowing that I can have new style controls and
interactions with great visuals fast.

Thank you,


Karen Graham


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