IDEA Conference, October 23-24; Linda Stone, National Park Service just added!

22 Aug 2006 - 12:28am
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Peter Merholz


The IDEA Conference, organized by the IA Institute, takes place
October 23-24 in Seattle, WA.

The event is a unique offering on the conference scene --
practitioners from a wide range of fields will present on the subject
of designing complex information spaces. Disciplines represented
include museum design, interaction design, information visualization,
librarian, network guru, environmental design, architecture, design
for mobile devices, and research.

We've just announced the inclusion of Betsy Ehrlich, designer for the
National Park Service's Interpretive Design Center, and Linda Stone,
researcher, formerly at Apple and Microsoft, whose meme of
"continuous partial attention" has heated up the blogosphere. Read
more on the conference blog:

This event is designed for those who recognize that design problems
are larger than any one medium, channel, or device, and that in order
to succeed in an increasingly complex world, we need to work with one
another to understand how to address the situations people find
themselves in today.

Discounted registration ends August 27. Register soon!

I know I'm shamelessly shilling, but this is being put on without a
marketing budget, and no one (including the speakers or the
organizers) is making money from this.

See you in Seattle!


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