Online user experience evaluation tools?

25 Aug 2006 - 1:05pm
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Cindy Alvarez

Hi all -
A few years ago, I used the Vividence XPress user experience testing tools
to run some user testing. It allowed you to upload a starting URL, a
task-based script and questions for the user to answer. Test subjects
downloaded a small client-side piece which allowed them to complete the
tasks at home, at their leisure, and then the consolidated results report
was available for me.

It was a really great tool for certain types of evaluation - but it looks
like Keynote dumped the XPress suite after acquiring Vividence. I have some
research needs which require quantitative data and face-to-face observation
isn't as important as simply getting feedback from a larger number of

Does anyone know of any good tools for evaluating *interaction*? (as
opposed to card-sorting or answering subjective survey questions, etc...)

thanks in advance!

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