Automatically Turn Photoshop Artwork into Working GUIs

14 Sep 2006 - 9:51am
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Paul de Curnou

Altia announces PhotoProto(tm), a tool that automatically turns Adobe(R)
Photoshop(R) artwork into working user interface prototypes.

With PhotoProto, product designers save significant time and expense by
minimizing complex multimedia authoring, scripting or programming. Market
winning, user-friendly products get to market in a fraction of the time.

To use PhotoProto, artists simply arrange and name the layers in their
Photoshop artwork. With a simple menu click in Photoshop, PhotoProto
automatically turns this artwork into a working, interactive prototype that
can be packaged, emailed and run on any Mac or PC.

Take a look at Altia's web page to learn more about PhotoProto and all our
user interface development tools. Jump straight to PhotoProto information at

Watch the short informational video, browse our website or simply give us a
call at 719-598-4299. Our friendly receptionist will put you in touch with
the right person who can answer your questions.

Together we can raise the bar to deliver great user experiences.

Mike Juran

President, Altia Inc.


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