Need Interaction Designers as CI participants in the SF/Bay Area

15 Sep 2006 - 7:18pm
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Brian Williams

Greetings IXDers,

I am looking for Interaction Designers to interview for an
independent project. I am interested what kind of documents you
produce and how you communicate your designs to product management,
developers or implementors.

i am particularly interested if you do any of the following

* You use a graphics or diagramming tool (Visio, Illustrator,
OmniGraffle, etc) to produce screen mockups or storyboards
* You use UI simulation software like iRise, Axure, Serenia Composer,
stpBA, Lucid Spec, or Intuitech, or any other comparable tool.
* You create UI specifications in some other interesting or novel
way, for instance entirely with paper and pencil etc...

* You work closely with developers to ensure that your designs are
implemented correctly.
* You don't get to work closely with developers and they must rely
only on your design documents.

Ideally I would like to conduct a Contextual Interview as you work or
if that is not doable, talk with you about a specific project that
you worked on recently.
I can assure you that my observations will be kept confidential and
only used to produce affinity, sequence, and cultural models that
can't be traced to the source interview. I will sign any NDA
documents necessary as well.

For your time I can offer good HCI karma and one the following:

* Lunch or Dinner
* A Gift Card for either Peet's, Starbucks, Amazon or Borders (your

If you are available, please respond with the following:

Employer and location
Phone Number where best to reach you

Please describe your design process and a little about an interesting
recent project.

Thank you for your responses.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Williams

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