Translation Help for Basecamp Time Tracking Widget

20 Sep 2006 - 11:04am
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Kevin Silver1

Hi everyone,

Our shop has created an OS-X Dashboard widget for Basecamp time
tracking. You can check it out at:
sundial/. We released the widget into the wild last week and we have
had downloads from 34 different countries. We need help providing
additional localization. Currently the widget ships with an english
and french translation. We already have translation commitments for
portuguese, brazilian portuguese, and dutch. We really would like to
have help translating the widget into: german, japanese, swedish,
spanish, and any other language you can help us with. There are
about 50 words and/or phrases, so if you can help us we'll gladly
provide you credit and a t-shirt for your translation efforts.
Contact me off list if you're interested.

On another note, this is the third widget (one dashboard, two yahoo)
I have had a hand in designing and developing. The biggest challenge
I have always faced is keeping the footprint on the screen at a
reasonable size. I don't know if the footprint of a widget is a set
or implied constraint due to it's intended functionality. I think
the size constraint can lead to some tradeoffs in overall usability,
but maybe for the intended audiences of the widgets it doesn't
matter. Any thoughts?



e/ kevin at

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