Portfolios (was: Guidance for someone interested in your field)

13 Apr 2004 - 10:57pm
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Josh Seiden

> I thought the way you tell as an evaluator is to
invite the
> candidate to discuss it.


> Your evaluation is based on the candidate's eloquence
> deftness in the talking through their port folio.
> Strategically placed questions will root out poseurs
> those attempting to take more credit than their due.

Well, yes, and... At the end of the day, what have you
determined by discussing a portfolio? Only that the
candidate can *speak* eloquently and deftly about the
portfolio. That's important, but I'm not hiring
speakers, I'm hiring designers. Thus, I need a
demonstration of design ability, not just speaking
ability. So, to my original point, I want another (or
an additional) tool.


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