IDEA Conference - Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

9 Oct 2006 - 11:28pm
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Peter Merholz

Hey all--

This will be my last email spam plug for the IDEA Conference, the
design event I'm organizing for October 23-24 at Seattle's Central

We have abstracts for most of the talks now, and this is truly
shaping up to be a design conference unlike any other. Practicing
designers addressing the challenges of managing massive amounts of
information in a variety of forms.

Speakers are: Jake Barton (exhibit design, Local Projects), Dave
Cronin (interaction design, Cooper), Paul Gould (communication
design, MAYA), David Guiney (exhibit planning and design, National
Park Service), Dan Hill (interaction design, BBC) Deborah Jacobs
(City Librarian for Seattle), Robert Kalin (interaction design,
Etsy), Michal Migurski (information visualization, Stamen), Alison
Sant (media artist), Bruce Sterling (visionary and author), Linda
Stone (multimedia specialist), Fernanda Viegas (information
visualization, IBM Research), Ed Vielmetti (Superpatron), and Ian
White (geospatial data, Urban Mapping).

This also provides an opportunity for attendees to meet other folks
also interested in forging new ground in design. We have attendees
coming from places as distant as Thailand!

As always, the IA Institute has no marketing budget, and relies on
the kindness of its friends to spread the word.

Thanks for your time,


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