17 Oct 2006 - 4:31pm
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Hi all,

After being on this list for around two months now and being
enthusiastic about the quality of discussion, I am glad to be able to
post my question here.

I am looking for a 3 months internship in the field of: Design for
Interaction / Information Architecture / Interface Design. Preferably in
the San Francisco bay area, but all places have my interest. I am in the
privileged position to have money from my summer job on my hand, so I
can accept unpaid internships as well.

Currently I am studying for my masters in Design for Interaction on the
Technical University Delft, the Netherlands, faculty of Industrial
Design Engineering. Details about the study behind the following link:

Naturally I do not have 5+ years of experience, but I do think I am able
to work in highly creative environments, work in groups and produce
quality design.

I have experience in prototyping (flash, flex, director), web
development (html, css, javascript, php, mysql), 3D skills in SolidWorks
and useful knowledge about usability testing and (naturally) product
design. I am fluent and quick in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

Although I have grown up and am studying in the Netherlands I have the
American nationality and passport. I see this internship as a great
opportunity to get some work experience abroad and would like to start
as soon as possible.

For more information about me and my work see: and my resume here:

Feel free to test my knowledge, ask about my vision or request more

Thanks in advance for your reply,

Thatcher Peskens

Thatcher at
+31 15 2145716
Time-Zone UTC +1


19 Oct 2006 - 11:19am

Hi Mark,

>> My partner Jan-Christoph says that you may have some visa issues in
the States, even as an intern.

I do realize that for European nationals various visa issues exist, but
I happen to have the American nationality, and should therefore have no
problem. Thank you for your interest however.

And yes, I am open to an Italian internship. Please write me what you
have to offer, or give me a phone-call.

Thatcher Peskens

Thatcher Peskens
KOFFIEDIK industrial

Mark | Experientia schreef:
> Dear Thatcher,
> My partner Jan-Christoph says that you may have some visa issues in
> the States, even as an intern.
> Jan-Christoph will be looking at your website in the next few days.
> Would you be open to an Italian internship?
> With kind regards,
> Mark
> On 18 Oct 2006, at 11:06, Thatcher Peskens wrote:

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