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19 Oct 2006 - 3:50pm
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.

If you're interested in finding new sources of debate and lively
conversation, you might pick up a copy of my new book, released today,
called Designing the Obvious. It discusses guiding principles of web
application design, but does so by pointing out concrete examples and
talking about how to reproduce the qualities that make web apps great.

The term "interaction design" is mentioned exactly once, on the second to
last page of the book ... I think. :) In other words, this book is not about
how to be a fireman, it's about how to put out fires.

It's small enough to hold in one hand while on a train on the way to work,
short enough to read on a plane ride (a long-ish plane ride, but a plane
ride nonetheless), and includes insights (written exclusively for this book)
from people Seth Godin, Jason Fried, Ryan Carson, Josh Williams, and others.

Oh, and since the image used on Amazon keeps changing and somehow getting
messed up, I must say it's hard to appreciate just how beautiful this book
is until you hold it in your hands. Apparently, it's the kind of book you
want to be seen holding (or so I've been told). I may be biased, because I
designed the cover, but I've really received quite a few compliments on it

Also, if you'll be at MAX next week, stop by my session, User Interface
Design in Flash, on either Wednesday or Thursday, and be sure to swing by
the bookstore on Tuesday evening for the book signing event.

Anyway, pop on over to Amazon (or B&N or or whatever) and pick
up a copy:

Thanks - I'll stop now. :)

-Robert Hoekman, Jr.-

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