Expert/Rapid/Special Forces Design (James Leftwich, IDSA) -- and co.

23 Oct 2006 - 9:29am
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laurie kalmanson

Re: Expert/Rapid/Special Forces Design (James Leftwich, IDSA) -- and co.

hot topic

my .03

-- it's not the methodology, it's the consensus and the results

having lived through an Xtreme project that had the worst outcome i've seen in more than 10 years of doing this, and having also lived thu requirements discovery by iterative email, i now believe that methodology is like paper and pencil; it helps to have one, pretty much any one will do as a starting point, and you're doomed if you're bound by it

a few other observations

> some stakeholders -- from marketing people to designers to researchers -- want to play with the team, some don't; if you get ones that do your project will be better and conversely

> ideally, i start with all the stakeholders in a room and walk them through their competing demands, and then give them the floor so they can hash it out while i listen; that works pretty well in trimming down "my requirements are the most important" syndrome ... if that happens, most of the rest falls into place more or less obviously

> i distrust and disregard "scientists" and "geniuses" equally. i work more or less in the middle.

all best to everyone -- it's a great discussion group ... glad to be part of it

-- laurie

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