User Interface Designer Position with a Large Brokerage Firm in NJ

24 Oct 2006 - 2:55pm
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I am looking for a UI Designer for a requirement with one of our Large
Brokerage Firm located at Jersey City, NJ. Below are the details, If you are
interested please forward me your resume along with contact details.

Location: Jersey City, NJ
Responsible the design and prototyping of a compelling product interface
that meets the needs of various stakeholders. The user-interface designer
leads and coordinates the prototyping and design of the user interface, by:
* capturing requirements on the user interface, including usability
* building user-interface prototypes
* involving other stakeholders of the user interface, such as end-users, in
usability reviews and use testing sessions reviewing and providing the
appropriate feedback on the final implementation of the user interface, as
created by other developers; that is, designers and implementers.
The user-interface designer does not implement the user interface. Instead,
a user-interface designer focuses and devotes time only on the design and
the "visual shaping" of the user interface, because:
the skills required by a user-interface designer often need to be improved
and optimized for the current project and application type, with potentially
unique usability requirements, and this requires both time and focus
the risk of "mixed allegiances" must be delimited; that is, the
user-interface designer needs to be influenced more by usability
considerations than implementation considerations

Qualifications Requirements
* 8+ years UI design and Usability testing experience. Demonstrated skill in
designing, prototyping, and documenting User Interfaces.
* Experience in working closely with Product Management, Development, QA,
Visual Design, and Info Dev to drive the UI for optimum usability within
tight development schedules.
* Demonstrated skill in conducting all UI data collection methodologies
(e.g., usability testing, focus groups).
* B.A./B.S. in Human Factors Psychology, Engineering, Cognitive Psychology
or related discipline preferred. M.A./M.S. in same desirable.
* UI and Design management experience (preferred) possible management
responsibilities, depending on skills and experience.10-15 years experience
in UI design, development, and review.
* portfolio accounting, financial reconciliation, brokerage operations
management, performance reporting, financial planning, and/or a related
position in the development of associated products/applications.
* Extensive knowledge of domain and an established network of industry
* In depth experience with Microsoft Office Productivity Tools: Excel, Word,
PowerPoint, Windows, and Internet
* Knowledge of software development cycle, user application design
* Prior or existing role in an industry group or association.
* Experience in designing, prototyping, and specifying UIs
* Familiar with User Experience design philosophy
* Basic knowledge of UI development technologies
* Can work effectively as a senior member of a product team
* Is comfortable with minimal direct supervision in dealing with complex
issues of wide-ranging scope
* Prototyping skills with VB or Flash is very helpful
* Design skills with Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio, Powerpoint and other
design tools is very helpful
*Software design experience preferred
*Graphic design and/or web design experience a plus
*Excellent relationship building skills
*Excellent verbal and oral communications skills
*Management experience is a tremendous advantage
Ability to perform the following is required:
*Stakeholder analysis.
*Time in motion study.
*Use Case analysis and modeling.

General managerial skills are required. These include, but are not exclusive
*Strong conceptual, analytical, and project management skills
*Solve practical problems and deal with possibly conflicting needs where
limited resource exists
*Thoroughly analyze potential solutions and identify potential problems with
each solution
*Recognize, hire, and motivate staff of all skill levels
*Find information in on-line technical services and sites
*Make decisions required by essential duties and responsibilities
*Detail orientation and strong organizational skills
*Ability to multi-task and good time management skills
*Team player
*Flexibility and creativity
*Excellent written and oral communication skills are required. Must be able
to clearly communicate and present to all levels.


Tel: 609-924-3400 x179
radhika at

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