New Pledges ... People giving back in NYC

25 Oct 2006 - 10:46am
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Dave Malouf

hey there folks,

I thought I'd mention that at the Dan Saffer talk in NYC last night at
the monthly NYC IxDA event, we mentioned the Pledge Drive and people
opened their pockets and we raised another $75 towards the pledge. I'm
hoping that many more from last night will really see the value that
this community brings to their practice and education and take part in
the pledge drive as well.

Our event packed the Brand Experience Lab to capacity with about 90
people attending the event where Dan Saffer gave a great presentation
about new options for documenting and communicating the more robust
designs that accompany the growing use of web technologies like AJAX and

Thanx Dan for the talk and thanx to everyone who came and most of all
those who did and will make a contribution to the Pledge Drive this week
in NY and around the world.

Please give what you can. To contribute online, just go to,
then click the Donate link.

If you've ever posted or responded to a job posting
Ever asked or answered a question about IxD
Ever postulated a theory and discussed it ad nauseum for fun and growth
Ever got entertained, or learned from someone else's posting

Then this community has served you in some way. So go to and then find the "Donate" link on the right side of
the page and give a little back. $10 Can make a HUGE difference if
everyone chipped in.

And if you want to see what we plan on doing with your money, you can
get a sneak peak at Project Donahue at

Thanx again everybody.

- dave

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