**SL-JUNK** method for keeping track of employee UI suggestions?

27 Oct 2006 - 12:36pm
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Hi David-

There are some third-party tools that exist specific to collecting
user feedback on products - one that I have seen, but have no
knowledge of, is Ideascope. the marketing material makes it sound
great. :-)

We use a wiki for product requirements, and bugzilla for tracking

The way we have worked it out is that suggestions "out of the blue"
are assigned to a special "product management" product, with a
component that corresponds to the particular product in question.
Suggestions that are very straightforward to implement or that touch
on current development might go right into the dev queue. And you
can certainly attach screenshots.

Additionally, we have tried to use special "master" bugs to keep
track of the first bug in a particular category, with additional
requests for the same item assigned as dependent on the master. We
also use bugzilla keywords to group product submissions into broad
categories, like accessibility, admin, etc.

The first part of this works fairly well. I am not overly happy with
using master bugs to try to keep track of multiple requests for the
same item or the keywording system. Both are a bit awkward.
Bugzilla contains a lot that you don't need - the upside is that it
is easy to push a request from the product side to the dev side. If
you have the resources, it might be nice to build something custom
that allowed you to visualize duplicate requests, requests by
category and so on.

I'd certainly be interested to hear what others do.


On Oct 27, 2006, at 11:59 AM, David VanEsselstyn wrote:

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> material.]
> Hi - I'm at a new organization, and am trying to develop a method for
> allowing employees to make specific suggestions about how the
> usability of
> our software products can be improved. We have about a dozen software
> products that are either web-based or palm based.
> I'm considering either a wiki, or a tracking system like fogBugz.
> I expect
> that some users will want to post screenshots to explain their
> points, so
> the system should allow for that.
> Does anyone currently make use of such a system? Any stories about
> success/failure on this front, along with suggestions for building and
> maintaining this system would be very helpful.
> Thank you,
> --David VanEsselstyn
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