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12 Nov 2003 - 8:38am
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Dave Malouf

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Subject: Live Video Stream -- Foundations of Interaction Design.

Dear Colleagues,

The Interaction design Institute at Ivrea is hosting an important event
today and tomorrow. This is an international symposium on the foundations of
interaction design.

The institute is making it possible for anyone who wishes to observe the
presentations and dialogue to do so by live video streaming.

Highly recommended.

Best regards,

Ken Friedman

>From Ivrea:

We kindly invite you to watch a live video stream of the international
symposium "Foundations of Interaction Design" which is taking place today
(Wednesday) and tomorrow at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. You can
watch the live stream by going to the home page of our web site

and we would very much appreciate it if you could link to this stream from
your own web site.

bridging theories and practice of interaction design

On 12 and 13 November, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea presents an
international symposium to promote and initiate a discussion on the
theoretical foundations of interaction design.

The meeting, which is curated by Prof. Sebastiano Bagnara, will bring
together about 30 specialists, both theorists (from disciplines such as
cognitive psychology, social psychology, discourse analysis, linguistics,
semiotics, computer science or science of materials) and interaction
designers who played a key role in introducing those theories into the

Key speakers include Cristiano Antonelli (Italy), Maria A.
Brandimonte (Italy), Cristiano Castelfranchi (Italy), Gillian Crampton Smith
(Italy), Giorgio De Michelis (Italy), Pelle Ehn(Sweden), Yrjö Engeström
(Finland), Walter Gerbino (Italy),Charles Goodwin (USA), Bill Moggridge
(USA), Thomas Moran(USA), Donald A.
Norman (USA), Andrew Ortony (USA) andGianfranco Soldati (Switzerland).

The aim of the symposium is to create a structured view of the theoretical
foundations of interaction design and to help research and practice in the

The discussion of these theories and their application to interaction design
will be structured along seven themes: activity, community/participation,
conversation/dialogue, economics, emotion, memory and visible/invisible.
Each theme will be addressed by two
people: a theorist from a more theoretical discipline (the 'parent'
discipline), and a 'bridger' from interaction design, who has dealt with the
same topic in his practice or theoretical explorations. Two highly qualified
designers, as well as experts from other disciplines
(discussants) will also take part in the discussion.

The symposium, which will take place in English, is not open to the public,
but there will be live video streaming of the event. The presentation papers
will be published by the Institute afterwards and will also be available as
download from this website.

Those interested can also discuss the topics of the symposium and other
issues of interaction design at the Hub, an Interaction-Ivrea site about the
intersections of interaction design.

Press office:

Mark Vanderbeeken
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
External Relations

e: m.vanderbeeken at
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